Brain Game

I used to play guitar.

Picked one up the other day for the first time in years and couldn’t play a lick. (Not that my repertoire was ever that impressive...I seem to remember a lot of repetitions of Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water and Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4). I couldn’t remember how to read music notes either. After that depressing realization, I did recall once learning a skill all musicians eventually develop--the ability to read ahead.

During a particularly long stretch of hiking last week, I realized an analogous phenomenon was occurring-- I was subconsciously “reading” the trail a few steps ahead of me...

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Writer's Block

March 19th, 2017. 6:25 am, 200 yards north of the US/Mexico border: "Hi. Yes, Officer...we're looking for the PCT, can you point us in the direction of the starting monument?"

Bemused border patrol agent: "It's right behind you."

Oops. Navigation FAIL. Off to a solid start. Canada here we come??

It stood at the top of a hill, stark against the sunrise. The iconic silhouette couldn't possibly be real. And yet, there it was. And there we were.


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Tread On

Tomorrow, I will stand at a series of humble wooden posts at the border of Mexico and the United States. Over the next five months, I endeavor to walk 2,660 miles from those posts to their counterparts at the Canadian border. For fun.

Yes, you read that correctly. Keep reading...

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