New work coming in 2019!

Long-term, I intend to continue researching, with particular emphasis on understanding and developing the ways in which the ultimate product of scientific research--knowledge--is delivered to the public. There is much room for improvement in the accurate (and engaging!) public portrayal of the true, non-linear scientific process. Stayed tuned for upcoming work with local museums in Minneapolis and as I integrate plain language and educational information to technical portions of my site.

  Primary professional interests:

  • Museum exhibition design

  • Improving the appropriate integration of technology, virtual reality into museums

  • Scientific infographic design

  • Digital archival and curation

  • Creation of searchable, easy-to-use geologic sample databases for researchers


Outreach Through Science and Art (OSA) at UMN

Student-founded and led organization that brings together graduates and undergraduates in art, design, science, and engineering departments at the University of Minnesota to create exhibits that display current research through artistic displays or that add scientific context to existing performances and shows on campus.