Hello! I am a first-year PhD student in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities. My research broadly focuses on metamorphism during subduction, with emphasis on mineralogical and geochemical changes in oceanic lithosphere throughout subduction and exhumation. To read more about my active and past projects, visit my research page.

I earned my B.S. in Geological Sciences at the Jackson School of Geosciences and my B.A. in Plan II Liberal Arts Honors in the College of Liberal Arts in December 2016 from the University of Texas at Austin.

My interest in geology began almost immediately after I discovered that people could get paid to play outside and look at rocks all day! In second grade during an annual "What I Want to Be..." presentation during parent night-- amidst future firefighters, astronauts, doctors, and lawyers--a quiet, outdoorsy girl with perpetually-bruised knees, scuffed shoes, and wild curly hair boldly proclaimed her intention to "either be a waitress or a geologist when she grew up, she hadn't quite decided yet." I've been told my parents received some, ah--interesting--looks that evening.

We soon moved from my beloved, small Midwestern hometown to the sprawling suburbs of Houston, Texas, which brought a new climate, high school, and perhaps most importantly--BBQ. Fast forward through a short-lived obsession with paleontology (and all things related to SUE, the dinosaur) and a pretty serious investigation into the field of archaeology, I arrived at the doorstep of the Jackson School with that same second-grade enthusiasm stifled only slightly by a trepidatious respect for the amount of information to be learned and growth about occur...

The next four years brought a dizzying array of fieldwork, coursework, and research opportunities--a zig-zagged series of fortunate events founded off the support of one superb advisor and mentor to whom I will always be indebted, a small army of brilliant, lively graduate students who adopted me as one of their own, some (or a lot) of good ol' fashioned hard work, beloved friends and family who put up with my constant comings and goings, and the final, inevitable selling off of my pillow and bed. It was utterly unplannable, unforeseeable, and unimaginable. This site is 2/3 visual resume and professional record (see Research and Experience) and 1/3 fun geo-blog. I hope you will enjoy perusing these pages as much as I love creating them! 

When not training to get paid to play outside and look at rocks all day, I love backpacking and hiking (see my latest adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail here), traveling, staying involved as a Girl Scout alumnus, skiing, cycling, sailing, sewing, oil painting, and finding obscure ways to bring geology into conversations with unsuspecting family, friends, and the occasional passerby.